Monday, 14 March 2011

Feedback on rough cut

- More shots needed to link existing shots. This will make the storyline clearer to the viewer.
Shots needed:
- Establishing shot of outside of pub
- Inside of the pub, busy
- Empty pub
- Locking doors of the pub
- Shot of door when dog is barking
- Molly walking from the bar to the table
- Dad talking about ghost
- More point of view shots


The Big Screen

Our film will be showing at regular cinemas as well as arts cinemas around the local area.

Advertising our film

We would like to do many different types of advertising to result to a big audience viewing our film. We believe if we advertise not just through the cinema but adverts on TV showing clips of a trailer and posters around the city centre this will attract a much wider audience. We would also like to advertise in national newspapers and magazines.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Class Feedback

Class Feedback:

- all posts are relevant and presented nicely
- good use of images, however need captions
- good use of technical language, shows a good understanding of the thriller genre
- detailed and quality explanations
- clearly shows development of ideas

How we will use this feedback to improve our blog:

- add captions to the images, explaining why we used them
- go through the blog and check we have all relevant posts